NTS was founded as a Ligurian company in 2001 with the goal of becoming, in the short to medium term, a leading company in the field of systems and services for electronics.

In order to achieve the goal, NTS first of all invested in human resources by creating a work team made up of young, dynamic personnel with experience and professionalism already acquired; it invested and continues to invest in research, technological innovation and on continuous training, in synergy with university environments and leading companies in the sector.

The growth process has also passed through a series of targeted acquisitions that are leading the NTS Group to establish itself more and more firmly in the power electronics market and in EMS for Advanced Electronic Systems

Priority elements in NTS’s policy are quality and customer satisfaction. NTS has always considered flexibility, ability to cooperate and helpfulness to be indispensable characteristics so that customers consider it not just a supplier, but a reliable partner on whom they can rely.

Therefore, NTS stands as a collaborator who helps and supports the customer in the development of its products that suggests the most suitable solutions for their needs.

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