NTS’s technical production capabilities have led the Company to develop, over the years, proprietary or third-party products , differentiating the user base in all the sectors in which it collaborates.

Prominent among these are the XCE16/12 and ZCE optical sensors for quality control in automation, custom sensors developed for quality process control in the ceramics industry.

The XCE16/12 Optical Gauge enables dimensional measurements (width and depth) without physical contact.

The ZCE planar is a telemetric sensor suitable for use in systems where there is a need to detect distance or thickness measurements. The sensor enables distance measurement through the principle of optical triangulation.

Among the NTS product portfolio, an important section is that dedicated to “Static Converter Operating Units” and “High Performance Power Supplies.”

This product range is designed to meet the needs of modern means of transportation and consists of two product lines:

– Cityconverter, defines a range of standardized converters for operating voltages up to 1500 VDC and power ratings up to 200 kVA.

– Lineconverter, defines a range of converters that can be configured according to the Customer’s needs for operating voltages up to 3000 V dc, with the possibility of power supply from the four U.I.C. voltages and powers up to 300 kVA.

Also for the transport sector in NTS is produced on Customer’s design, an apparatus that is installed on board buses and trains, which has the functionality of “black box” for event recording, geolocation and video surveillance. For this product, NTS handles the entire apparatus including all testing, intermediate and final, suitable packaging and delivery management at end-user customers on a full account basis.

Alongside projects commissioned by its customers, NTS has played an active role in the design and implementation of test benches and test boxes in the Defense and Transportation sectors.

This type of product can be developed and adapted by NTS for any customer who needs automated test support: the NTS Technical Team will find the best solution for every need.

NTS also represents the production site of a Client, an important player in the biomedical field; in our plant in Genoa we realize for them a robotic device that assists the doctor, the physiotherapist and the patient in the rehabilitation treatment in the orthopedic, neurological and geriatric fields.

In addition to the realization of the robotic rehabilitation system assembled and mounted entirely in NTS, all testing, intermediate and final testing of the robot, appropriate packaging and management of deliveries to end-user customers are carried out in our plant.

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